• Industry 4.0

    Be part of the fourth industrial revolution. Smart factories require bespoke solutions, MEEG is your technical facilitator.

  • Automotive

    MEEGs automotive cluster, include leading research institutes, universities, vehicle development experts, 1st and 2nd tier suppliers, technologies investors.

  • Aerospace

    Airbus is a key player in Europe creating a unique microcosm of industrial and design offices ready to export their experience to the profit of Asia.

  • IT engineering

    From sophisticated software to simple web platform developments, the most efficient and cost effective solution for the selection of your partners is in a world wide network.

  • Connecting Europe to Asia

    MEEG’s Network encourages project owners, manufacturers and  investors to extend their exposure through an highly experimented Eurasian cluster.

  • A bridge between worlds

    The multicultural awareness is the key success for the development of an international project, MEEG is the gateway to achieve your expectations.

Innovation consulting
Europe and Asia, with their technological and manufacturing expertise respectively, offer unlimited possibilities to accomplish industrial projects successfully. We provide small, medium and multinational companies the opportunity to collaborate globally to realise effective solutions. Choosing right partners is the key to successfully accomplish your goals. From engineering design to manufacturing including angel investment, our strong network is there to support your expectations.

Engineering Consulting

MEEG combined global expertise to provide technical support and high-tech consulting. Our industry experts clusters provide advisory / explore synergy / develop new solutions at different stages of development, alignment of global competitiveness.

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Domains of expertise

Investment Support

MEEG offers a unique synergy network bridging entrepreneurs, industry experts, legal experts and business angels in Asia and Europe. Our mission is to take project beyond its potential.

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